Raster to Vector Service

Enjoy Our Top Class Raster to Vector Service at Reasonable Prices

At Clipping Partner India we provide a top class raster to vector conversion service. We ensure that every job is carefully checked before it is sent out to the client, thus chances of us having to make any changes once the original vector files have been sent are extremely rare. On the other hand, there may be some instances where the quality of the original artwork is poor, whereby we have to make our own judgement and redraw the best way we can. In such cases, if there is anything needing to be altered later then we will make any necessary adjustments without additional charges.

Our raster to vector conversion service users

Our raster to vector conversion services can be used by any one or any business that requires a vector graphic version of their logo or graphic. Clipping Partner India provides services to various types of businesses globally, including engravers, emblem and badge makers, custom T-shirt printers, graphic design companies, large banner printers, Lithographers, sign makers, and various other types of graphic related firms.

Image to vector conversion

At Clipping Partner India we can convert any pix elated logo, or blurred graphic into a sharp, scalable vector image. This is mostly appropriate for engraving, signage, T-shirts, vehicle graphics, vinyl banners, window vinyl, just to name some of the usage. So you won’t need to worry any more about sharp or blurred edges. We will manually convert your raster to vector, and a manually drawn vector conversion will yield much better results of your image as compared to using automated auto-tracing software.

Scalable to any given size

The moment your bitmap or raster image has been converted from raster to vector, it is possible to scale it to any given size without it losing its quality.  Our experts will take your pixelated bitmap image like a jpeg or png file and redraw it as accurately as they possibly can in order to create a high quality converted image. Usually, vector images are drawn by means of mathematical relationships between points and paths. This enables them to be scaled to any desired size and they will at all times remain sharp.

Rush Jobs

In our raster to vector service, standard/typical logos or graphics will be converted in 24 hours. Under normal circumstances, we can complete most jobs within 12 hours. However, if you have a rush job, we might be able to work on it immediately even though we cannot guarantee this. We will always inform you beforehand if we can do it in time for your deadline.

File Formats

At Clipping Partner India we can work from either low resolution images or hand drawn sketches to produce top quality vector images. All you need to do to enjoy our matchless raster to vector service is to furnish us with your artwork in any file format, though it is obvious that a good quality will allow us to create a more accurate final vector image. We normally supply EPS and AI vector files as standard. However, you can always let us know in case you need other formats like Coreldraw, PDF or SVG formats.

Experience is the most important factor when it comes to this type of graphic work.  Luckily, our designers are highly skilled as a result of many years of experience redrawing and converting images from raster to vector. We can convert jpg, GIF, PNG, BMP to vector and almost any other raster image file format.

Our prices are very reasonable considering the quality of our work while rendering our raster to vector service to clients.

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