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Do you want the clipping path service and want to know more about clipping path? Simply, clipping path refers to creating the outline exactly around the image. It helps to remove the background from the image. For creating a well-shaped and bright image, clipping path is very popular.

Someone describes Clipping Path as ‘closed vector path.’ it is also known as ‘shape’ or ‘deep etching.’ When clipping path is done on an image the inside part of it (line/path) becomes ready for final cut. On the other hand, rest of the image including background, shadow or anything you want will go left behind. The beauty of clipping path is you can remove anything from your desired parts. For example, the background or any unessential part of you including shadow or display stand.

Clipping Path Service, clipping path

When is Clipping Path used?

  • When you want to remove any object or the background of the images
  • When you need to hide the background or masking out without removing anything including the background from the image.
  • When you want to change any special part or area form an image by selecting or editing.
  • When you want to do color correction of an image. It is called multi-clipping path, and it needs to select the particular area and changing it into the desired color.
  • When you want to recreate any logos or graphics
  • When you want to manipulate any images for fashion design or similar works

When should you not use Clipping Path?

  • When the object is transparent
  • When you will see hair or fudgy edges into your image or object

Then you will need advanced masking.

Is there any alternative of Clipping Path?

Although you can find some other techniques to remove unwanted objects from an image, but using clipping path is more accurate, sharp and clear. So, going with clipping path should be your first choice.

How Clipping Partners India Works for doing Clipping Path:

Clipping Partners India follows the best method to do clipping path. For manipulating an image with the 100% customer satisfaction is very inspiring for us. With this in mind, we try to do the whole task manually, and the previous review of our services is very satisfactory.

  1. Our graphical designers do the task very professionally. If I express the method, the whole process will be like that…
  2. We use the industry standard Adobe Photoshop to do the whole task of image manipulation.
  3. We do the work by using the Pen Tool of Photoshop, and it’s a fantastic tool for selecting the wanted image.
  4. We use the Pen Tool to define the actual area of the image. Even we use the Zoom-in options 200% to 300% for getting the actual path of the image. Though it depends on objects and the image resolution and quality. Important to realize, it helps the designers to point out the actual number of anchors point. It’s very important to get the accurate shape of the image. Another key point, if you use too many of anchor points or too few of anchor points, it can give you misleading results. It can keep the unwanted parts of the image in the background.
  5. You may think you can do the task by using Magic Wand tool or any other quick selection tool. But the reality says that it’s not possible to get the appropriate results by doing this. You will see a lot of unwanted parts are visible when giving the final cut. So, it’s possible to use it for any professional work.
  6. For this reason, if you desire to get the actual results and appropriate image, take the help of any skilled persons who knows the magic of ‘Pen Tool’ and who is creative.

You have to remember that visual content is the attractive parts of content. So, if you want to get more sales, you have to become more profession for using the images. It will select your future for selling your product.

Who needs Clipping Path Service ?

Clipping is essential for all who needs the actual professional image. If you consider in any digital business or service, you will see they need the use of clipping path. If I tell with a list, it will clear your idea most.

Who needs to use thousands of images for different services as like e-commerce or magazines or online services?

Who needs to do few images for use in his personal projects or shop?

Services We Offer:

Clipping Partner India is providing clipping path services from last five years. For example, professional image manipulation, clipping path, photo retouching, vector conversion and photo editing services.

We’re providing quality services with an experienced and dedicated team. We’re covering most of the part of image editing. Check the below services which we offer with high quality and professionalism.

E-Commerce Image Optimization:

An ecommerce shop or who works with e-commerce, they need the high-quality and attractive image. Without proper visual presentation, you can’t get more sell and conversion. So, e-commerce needs different types of photo editing.

Clipping Partner India works with the e-commerce company for all kinds of image solution. We provide image editing, background removing, white background image, clipping path, cropping, resizing and much more. Do your business and take your image solution from us.

Clipping Path:

Clipping path is the well-known features we provide. As clipping path is a popular service for us, we cover all the area of clipping path here. You can get high-quality and professional background removing, image manipulation and color correction for multi path objects.

We follow the actual method for clipping path. We never try to provide any services with the magic wand. We believe the satisfaction of you. For this reason, we provide 100% quality background removing with the use of Pen Tool of Adobe Photoshop.

Drop Shadow:

Simply, drop shadow uses for bringing life in an image. It expresses the image with the sense of reality. You can’t feel yourself with an image all the time. Here needs to give a life of reality and it’s possible with shadow effect.

Clipping Partner India is providing the best services for drop shadow in your image. It’s no matter if your original image has no shadow, we can create with the combination of tool and creativity. You will get the image with real effect.

Mirror Effect:

Mirror effect makes the image more attractive and professional. It looks as like a 3D image, and it makes clear sense of the users. Simply, you will get a flatty and dull image into highest glossy one. It will make excellent look on the image.

Clipping Partner India is offering Mirror effect for your image without wasting the actual piece. You can’t imagine how attractive and eye-catching can be an image by mirror effect. Here, we implement of the combination of refined image, shadow effect and procuring the mirror effect.

Photoshop Mask:

Sometimes clipping path will not work in the complicated area of an image. For example the hair and fur. It’s not possible to keep the real sense of hair with the pen tool. Then it needs to apply an ideal method as like image masking.

Clipping Partner India provides special services for Photoshop hair masking. It creates the natural look of the complicated area. Generally, the pen tool provides hard edges, but the mask does it with soft edges. For this reason, creating the high-quality image for hair get its beauty.

Image Manipulation:

Image manipulation will help you to showcase your hard work into the creative way. The process includes taking part of the necessary part and using it to your favorite place or area. It helps to present your work perfectly in the appropriate place.

Clipping Partner India will help you to get the real image and removing the unwanted part. Surely, we’ll do the work of replacing of your image with desired objects, or if you want the clear image for any other uses, we can do it with your direction.

Image Retouching:

Sometimes, a shot or hard work can ruin with some unexpected sign or area in the products or for the model. No matter, you can make it with your desired one with more perfection with retouching.

Clipping Partner India provides the services image retouching. We work to make your image professional by removing the spots or unwanted signs or area. We can handle the work for making your image professional. Do your job without any tension.

Raster or Vector Conversion:

When an image or logo is low quality, you can’t use it for different purposes. We provide vector conversion from raster images, and we do it with the use of various tools and application. You have no headache for raster images now. We will convert it into the perfect format in the vector.

Clipping Partner India is providing the best services for converting the raster and vector image. You can provide us any type of image with any format, and we will make it usable and high-quality. You can bring your previous work into high-quality digital format too with the services of clipping partner India.

Photography Post Production Services:

When you want to make an old photo or low lighting photo into high custom uses including video purposes or movie making. You need to make it attractive with the different format. Here requires the use of the healing tool, patch tool, and clone tool.

Clipping Partner India is providing the best services for photography post-production services. Give your any sizes or ages image and take the time to make it an amazing one. You can use it for any purposes.

Pre-Press Services and Desktop publishing:

Print media needs the high-quality image for publishing it. Yes! The print media is still alive even now. It will stay for the lifetime. You may require the conversion of the high-quality image for pre-press, desktop publication or electronic media.

Clicking Partner India is offering the best services with affordable prices of your work to make it ready for printing purposes. You have no headache of the quality of your images. We can make it appropriate for publishing.

Image Restoration Services:

We can save the digital format of images into thousands of year in different storages. But if you have an old format of images in bromide or printed form. What should you do? Yes! You have one way. Image restoration services can make your old printed images into digital ways. You can save it anywhere then.

Clipping Partner India is providing the best Image Restoration Services with the great reputation. You can’t imagine it was in an old format. Submit your images with the paper form or scan it accurately and provide us. Then we’ll do the rest of the work

Color Correction:

In the image editing world, it’s one the familiar terms. In the fashion or model photography, it’s an essential task. It’s mainly the Photoshop based editing services. You will find the work in the different photography services or work.

Clipping Partner India offers the photo editing services for various purposes. If you need any photo editing services, you can take the help of our experienced teams. They are providing the services with world-standard editing.

Why Clipping Partner India?

Do you know why some awesome people like us? The reasons are we friendly, and we keep our word. Let’s see the exceptional of Clipping Partner India…

  • Clipping Partner India provides 100% quality services
  • We ensure secure payment system
  • We provide 100% secure and fast file transfer system
  • We are ready to fulfill your requirements
  • Reliable and friendly customer support
  • We ensure good communication system
  • We never consider with our professionalism
  • We always provide your services in time
  • Overall, affordable pricing module

Clipping Partner India an offshore graphic design studio and DTP professional which is located in Indian subcontinent a place from the southern part of Asia. The company is run by some dedicated creative people of the graphic design industry for providing photo editing, photography and e-commerce image editing services.

Clipping Partner India provides services for professional photographers, e-commerce owners, digital studio, catalog companies, magazine publishers, pre-press and printing media, etc. We have the experience of many years of doing the work for the magazine, individual photographer. Pre-press and product and fashion design. If you need any services for photo enhancement, you can take a look at our previous work and feedback. Providing the high-quality work and photo editing services is the primary task of Clipping Partner India.

How much does it cost?

Clipping Partner India believes the quality services. If you see the previous feedback and work of us, you will understand our procedures. We’re providing most competitive and affordable services from the world. For more details, you can consider to contact us with your sample of need.