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Clipping Path Service Is the Great Way to Remove Background From An Image To Make White or Transparent Background.

Now days clipping path service is most important part for web and print media, eCommerce business increasing day by day in the whole world and clipping path is the great way to remove background from product images even clipping path help to improve images to look eye catching.

Photoshop Clipping Path Service and Image Editing Service

Photoshop clipping path is the most important part of image editing service, when we want to do image editing we need to create a path of the image around the object, then we can able to edit of the object edge to edge and change the image background, color correction, image enchantment etc.

Why Choose Clipping Partner India for Clipping Path Service?

There are lots of clipping Path Company or clipping path supplier in the current world but too many companies are not able to do clipping path properly, they using selection tools like marquee tools, lasso tools, quick selection tool, magic want tool etc. Also few clipping path companies using auto path creating filters or software that make huge and unwanted anchors around the object, and it’s not proper way to remove background from an image or image enchantment service.

The pricing also too many high of many clipping path companies or clipping path suppliers, they charged $0.80 cents to $1 USD for basic clipping path service, please search on Google to review these companies pricing page.

We’re the best clipping path service Provider Company because we create clipping path by Photoshop pen tool with 300% zooming. So we can able to create accurate clipping path by edge to edge and correct shape of the object. Also we never use any selection tools for background remove or any auto path creating software.

However, we can say honestly that we’re the best clipping path supplier in the current market that we offer high quality clipping path service with affordable price. First time judge our quality standards before place your real project by sending a FREE TRIAL job also GET A FREE QUOTE.

What we do after create a Clipping Path?

We create clipping path by Photoshop pen tool and place the object to white or transparent background, before making white or transparent background we apply Feather (0.3 or 0.5 measure) option to make the object shape or edges to look smooth and natural. Also we apply other Photoshop technique to provide image editing services if asked by the clients, like shadow creating, spot and dust retouching, resizing or cropping, color correction, ghost mannequin etc.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a technique to create vector line or shape to cut out an image from background by Photoshop pen tool. Clipping path is the most popular and useful service for web and print media to change of 2D images background. Now days all photo editors using Photoshop pen tool to select an object from an image to background color change or any other image editing purpose. To know more about clipping path you can click here.

Type of Clipping Path Services?

There are many type of clipping path service; it depends on the complexity of the image objects.

Basic Clipping Path: If the image object will be plain, circle or square than it called basic clipping path and it’s the primary category of clipping path. Normally it require a single path, since the image does not have holes or internal loose, such as square book, ball, plate, rings etc.

The price is only $0.29 cents per image for basic clipping path.

Simple Clipping Path: If the image object will be curved and internal holes than it called simple clipping path