Image Masking in Photoshop : Beginner’s Guide

“Image masking” refers to the process of changing or removing an image background. At Clipping Partner India, we use various techniques of masking. So as to take out an image from its background and place it in a new background all together.

Image Masking, Image Masking in Photoshop, photo masking
Moreover, a model could be photographed in unsuitable background. If the images are to be used for advertisement, the publisher may want the background changed. For this reason, one has to use image masking procedure to isolate the background. If the photos are to be edited, image editing process may be used.

Image Masking Process

Image masking cannot be done by a graphic designer who does not have sufficient knowledge and experience on image masking process. It is only graphic designers with years of experience that can carry out image masking process. The designers are able to remove the background and replace it with a background of your choice.   The process includes image editing, image manipulation, image retouching, image shading as well as using vector to vector service.   The results of image masking process are important and can be used in designing brochures, magazine and leaflets.

Image masking makes it easier for one to remove backgrounds that are detailed. It is possible to remove images of human hair and objects that are transparent.  The masking process allows one to do things that cannot be easily done using the clipping path methods.  For instance images that have straight and curved edges and holes may only be edited using image masking process and not clipping path methods.  In this case, one may be required to use advanced Photoshop techniques where making the images using alpha channel may yield the required results.

Image Masking, Image Masking in Photoshop
The Photoshop tools one can make use of include quick mask, magnetic lasso, pen tool, magic wand, extract and many more. These tools make it easier for one to create details of masking efficiently. They are also economical and one can achieve perfect results.

Image masking may be complex especially if you are dealing with complex work such as human hair and objects that are transparent.  Masking such objects with an objective of changing the background may be difficult and elusive. However, you may use other tactics to change the background so that it can be used for intended purpose.

Image Manipulating Service

This is a unique service that requires a designer who is creative.  He may be required to use many inputs to help him achieve the desired results. For instance, if you have an old black photo which you want  changed to  a colored background,  complex image manipulation  and image processing may  be used to obtain  the required background. Photoshop software may be used in manipulation.

At Clipping Partner India, you will get professionals who are skilled and who will offer advanced image manipulation services at a very competitive price.  Our experts are available on a 24/7 basis. Our support will respond to your request as soon as you get in touch.